Sunday, 26 August 2012

Leeds win but lack of depth still key issue

Leeds overcame a poor Peterborough on Saturday to record their second win of the season. Two goals from in-form Luciano Becchio were enough, although a late scare materialised when the opposition got one back. In all honesty we should have scored more. Peterborough’s defence was comical at times and I lost count of the amount of times they gave the ball away. But sadly Leeds were guilty of this also, with neither side getting a strong foothold in the game for long enough to dominate. Our defence held firm for most of the game once again which is great, but it’s in attack where we seem to struggle.

We could and should have scored more with Ross and Becchio coming close a few times but our options of the bench are minimal at best. We have no game changers. We are relying on youngsters to change a game, which is a big ask for season debutants Sam Byram and Dominic Poleon. Don’t get me wrong, Sam did very well when he came on and had a few chances to score whilst Poleon didn’t really get long to shine. But we shouldn’t be looking to them or should I say relying on them for goals. I know I keep repeating myself, but until we get investment I can’t see us doing much this season. I think even just one or two more injuries and we are really stuck. Imagine losing Ross and Austin or Pearce and Peltier, we would be in big trouble. I know it’s all hypothetical but the fact we are not prepared for such eventualities worries me.

As for the whole takeover saga, there hasn’t really been any news this week. The Pen4Ken idea is harmless fun and a way of trying to take our minds off the whole saga. I think it’s a brilliant campaign, but I can’t see it achieving much. But at least we’re trying to force Kenneth’s hand. In truth we don’t know what’s holding this deal up, it’s all rumour and until it concludes one way or another we will still be in the dark. Gary Cooper has plans of maybe writing a book about the whole process, that’s certainly something I would read and I’m sure some of its contents will be unbelievable to say the least. But there’s also a strong possibility we won’t ever find out what’s been going on, that could well be one of the sticking points in the deal right now.

Personally I think that we will hear some more developments this week (fingers crossed) with the transfer market coming to a close this Saturday. Many fans think he will sign just after it closes, as one last dig at us ‘morons’ but even if that does happen I’m sure we could get some loans with a view to buy in January so it’s not too much of a loss. Either way I just cannot wait until the next chapter in the clubs life, one that will hopefully be prosperous.

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