Thursday, 23 August 2012

Rogers loaned to Stevenage as squad looks dangerously thin

Robbie Rogers joined League 1 Stevenage today in a deal that will see him stay at the Boro until the New Year. This deal has surprised many fans, myself included because we look to have a very thin squad. The injury of Green has further highlighted it whilst Warnock himself is wary of the situation. When asked if this squad could last the whole season he replied ‘No, not a cat in hells chance. If we went to Peterborough and lost Pearce and Austin I don’t know what we’d do’.  Which begs the question, why send Rogers out on loan. Tuesday night at Blackpool showed that we lack creativity, especially on the wings, so I can’t believe that we have loaned him out to be honest.

Could it be to finance Diouf’s contract? Or a loan signing? Maybe so, but we are then still in the same position with a lack of depth in the squad. One in one out doesn’t solve the problem. I know the real problem here is the lack of a signature on a certain piece of paper, but until that materialises, we are stuck with what we’ve got. I think Rogers should have been given a chance and I would have rather had him on the bench than Danny Pugh on Tuesday night that’s for sure. He hasn’t been given a chance at Leeds in all honesty and I for one hope he puts in some good performances for Stevenage and earns himself a recall, because personally I think we need him.

So who does that leave at the club who can come on and grab a goal if we need one? A 34 year old journeyman and an unproven 18 year old, brilliant isn’t it? I really hope one of them can surprise us all and turn out to be a goal machine, but I can’t see it can you? We need this investment fast. With only 8 days left of the transfer window, Neil is looking at that familiar friend, the emergency loan system to grab us some premier league cast offs. Don’t get me wrong some of them could turn out great, but I’m sure all of us remember Jake Livermore and Andros Townsend. This whole takeover business has really taken the proverbial now and I’m sure every Leeds fan is as frustrated as I am. A potential successful future is just within our grasp but one man is standing in the way. Let’s hope he picks up a pen soon otherwise the future of Leeds United could be a very bleak one.

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