Saturday, 1 September 2012

Transfer window slams shut, as takeover saga continues

The transfer window closed last night at 11pm with Leeds managing to hang on to their key players for once, however they failed to add to a depressingly small squad. Fans had to endure one time targets sign for our Championship rivals, and with so many teams strengthening it’s hard to see us challenging this season. Of course there is always the hope that we are taken over and that we strengthen in January and do a Reading. Or that the takeover is concluded in time for us to delve into the oh so familiar emergency loan market and acquire players with a view to permanent deals either in January or at the end of the season. But the frightening reality is that our squad cannot handle back to back Saturday and midweek games. It is too small and the quality outside of the first eleven too average for us to hope we can go to the likes of Forest, Cardiff and even Bristol City and continue to pick up results.

Warnock is no doubt as annoyed as us that he hasn’t been able to strengthen. A poster on WACCOE who is well respected and was deemed ‘kosher’ by the LUST chairman Gary Cooper confirmed as much last night when he posted that Warnock has already resigned ‘once this summer, but was persuaded by Harvey and the buyers to stay’ and that ‘he will be gone if bates is still presiding over next summer’. This to me proves that the Warnock resigning rumours earlier this summer were certainly true, whilst the poster also revealed rather interestingly that the ‘buyers have been in contact with Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich. Presumably this is to get information on how to deal with Ken Bates and the best tactics if you will to acquire the club. This to me is a great sign, I think that it shows that our potential new owners are business savvy and doing all they can to purchase the club.

There is of course other information given by that poster and others on WACCOE but I’ll let you seek that out for yourself, I would recommend every Leeds fan to do so as there is information that many of you should, but probably do not know. Moving back to the transfer window, I can’t help but look back and imagine what sort of team we could have had right now. I do think that the back five is the best we had in years, but imagine adding the likes of Howson, Snodgrass and Gradel to our midfield, whilst having players such as Beckford, Johnson, Clayton and Delph in reserve. Whilst I think that the situations with Beckford and Delph can be excused if not condoned, as I feel that Beckford was always going to end up in the Premiership and we should be glad that we held on for as long as we did. Whilst Delph was the first in a long line of players to leave and we couldn’t really turn down the reported amount of money whilst in League 1. The situation with the other players could have easily been avoided. Instead of signing the likes of Vayrynen and Pugh we should have been offering new contracts to our best players.

It really is inexcusable what has happened at Elland Road over the past few years and there isn’t any words that exist that could describe how we all feel about the current situation and what we have had to suffer over the last seven years. Fans are sick of it and many have ideas of how to try and show our feelings. Chants, banners, flags, peaceful protests and ideas such as sitting in the centre circle before a game or lining up outside Elland Road and not going into the games, but the main problem is that many are struggling to agree on what the right course of action is. We aren’t marching on together in the same direction at the moment and that is all down to one thing, and until that disappears the majority of supporters will not be happy and we will not be united as one.

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